When did “Devotion to a Man” become a Dirty Term to Women?



Look girl, you bought into a 2.0 Marriage. Not sure why you are mad when I say that job requires Total Devotion to YOUR Man.

You are in a sexual ownership arrangement right? Or did I misunderstand?

You don’t get to do 3.0 things if you are contracted to a 2.0 deal and you certainly will NEVER get the 4.0 or 5.0 pay off stuck in 2.0 with no way to upgrade your files to at least 3.0.

Deal is you are stuck there fulfilling your 2.0 obligation, so do it with a stiff upper lip or figure out a way UP and out. I’ll help you level it UP if you are willing to do the work.

Here is your reality check for the day ladies: (not a put down, just what IS and one choice you can make)

If you sign up to be a wife or sugar baby or live in girlfriend that shares resources with a man then you have signed up to do full time,required, high end attentiveness to that man.

This means having to play act when you are not feeling the desire in the moment or most of the time or at all. You still have to put out anyway. That is the 2.0 deal you signed up for…check your contract if you don’t believe me.

The man whose sexual parts are only to be used with you, won’t tell you this for fear of losing what sex he does get, half his shit and access to his children but, he is thinking it and ALL the men sit in my office and classes tell me the real deal.

Then they level UP and leave those 2.0 women in the dust….without losing half their shit or access to their children. I help leveled UP men get what is fair and beyond. The stuck 2.0 men that refuse to do their work, get what they deserve and signed up to get. Its a choice.

If you are not interested in leveling UP as a woman in your sexual relationships, then you just need to go ahead and have sex anyway and act like you like him no matter what, because that is the 2.0 thing you signed up for…I’m sorry you didn’t know that at the time but it IS what it iS now.

I am a free woman so I ONLY have sex out of elevated desire, never obligation that requires play acting. I would if my children’s lives were on the line but that would be me submitting to a rape wouldn’t it since I ONLY have sex out of desire, right? You have a choice and this is mine, that’s all. Not a cut down, just what IS.

Being a 2.0 wife means doing the work of that job. Look its simple, just don’t get into that contract if you don’t want to at least fake total devotion just enough, at least some of the time to soothe him so you can get his provision and favor. That’s what a wife is, by very definition of the current norm… if we wake up and look at it honestly.

Again, not a put down, just describing one of many choices in how to live YOUR life. You have options and this is one.


Now, in my opinion a healthy relationship is upgraded beyond 2.0, seeking 3.0 and excited about what 4.0 and 5.0 upgrades will bring for their children. The first step is about creating inner motivation or desire to stay and presenting inspiration to your partner that will cause him to feel desired by you. THIS is the foundation of Leveled UP sexual relationships.

Some (very few) couples are working on this within their originally framed as 2.0 marriage contract to level it UP to 3.0 living and beyond. Most will give up and just stay stuck in 2.0 until they die and the successful ones will break free of the old way completely and start over either with the same partner for life or as single people with a ever expanding list of amazing sexual friendships that last for a life time.

That can mean one sexual friendship that lasts a lifetime of bliss or 2 or 3 or…. how many adults only have one sex partner ever or stay with one more than a few years anyway?

The reality is most of us already change sex partners over time (count up yours) but the 2.0 way is that a horrible break up and lots of suffering is require in between each one. Crazy system when you think about it huh?

Personally, I have an ever-growing list of 3.0 sexual friendships I value that now exceeds my 2.0 list of harsh break-ups and I strive for the next upgrade into 4.0 and beyond.

My method?

(1) I don’t have sex with anyone I wouldn’t want to know as a close friend forever.

(2) I don’t define my worth based on him giving me titles and tokens of social status. I am free.

(3) Because I am a free woman I choose to bring my total devotion to any man that is in my bed and body.

Why would I be with a man that deserved less from me?

Why would I subject myself to sex with a man I didn’t feel internally in deep desire to be 100% present with in bed and in all our interactions? I have been there and done that thing and it made me unwell.

Rolling out of a sexual friendship may or may not happen but my 3.0/4.0/5.0 mindset provides a frame for it all that greatly increases the odds of this happening. The current norm says nasty break-ups are the only way to bring in new sexual friendships. Why? We have a choice to do this differently, better!

Success requires waking up to the reality of what it is, paying epic levels of attention to creating inner motivation to be there and a motivation-rich environment for mutual exchange between both parties to happen. Devotion. Reverence. Conscious Choice.

So many resource-sharing women are not doing their sex chores. Obligation that they signed up for and they are still expecting the money. Why? Either play the game you bought into the way the system dictates and keep up your end of the contract YOU signed, or get your ass in gear to level UP!

He is going to use his bullshit power to get his way in that sort of a low arrangement just the same as you are by withholding sex. Whomever holds the money to feed the children has the vote power. Its just the 2.0 way. No judgement, it just IS. Do it or don’t.

I beg you to get real and or for godsake stop complaining and power-struggling with him, or move on to the next level UP in doing sexual relationships.

In my personal and professional opinion, it is much better to be free and choose devotion than have it be your job requirement.

Something about being “required to” that kills passion and our inner life force which fuels desire. Do you see that to be true?

love installing

Bottom line, don’t sign up for a 2.0 sexual and resources-sharing arrangement unless you are willing to do blow jobs, even when you don’t want to or even if you hate them. Learn how to check out mentally and emotionally like a sex worker that is good at her job does, or learn how to live differently. Its the 2.0 deal you signed up for… again I am sorry you didn’t know that at the time but it is what it is now. You DO have choices.

Make your peace and resign yourself, or get on with your leveling UP work. Simple really. I am just so sick of all the whining. Pick one way, do it and stop complaining please! You act like you have no power in your own life!

You are the big girl that signed up for that 2.0 shit, now do your job and shut up or leave and get free to enjoy devotion in its purest form like I do. The 2.0 norm is what makes devotion a disgusting thing to women. When we consciously choose it, oh my, oh my, it is THE BEST thing EVER!

In 3.0 and 4.0 women will not feel disgusted or demeaned by giving to men but rather, uplifted and gloried. Men will finally have their equal partner in life and love devotion as their deepest desire craves and seeks. What a wonderful world it could be!

There are steps to getting there and I am happy to help …..
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Michelle Terrell has been a health and wellness coach since 1995. In those years she collected data and the real life testimonials of thousands of good men who were feeling lost and confused in their love lives. Her workshop students dubbed her The Pistol Whip Hippie because her teaching/coaching style is irreverent, in your face and radically honest (the Pistol Whip part) with the follow up being supportive, nurturing awakened energy (the Hippie part) that inspires men to strive to be their very best.

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