Wanting To & World Peace

 I’ve solved world peace yah know. Yep I have. 

Not so many of you will see the connection or think little ole cray, cray livin in bum-fuc Mesa Arizona, love life coach that says things like bum-fuc could have figured out world peace….

Yet I have.

It’s ok if you can’t see it yet or can’t bring yourself to believe some loud mouth chick on FB is the one showing up to announce it.

I’m going to keep saying it until enough people get it and we create a tipping pointing our own bodies, our homes, our sexual relationships that will radiate out into the macro culture that will translate into counties getting along and sharing resources well. Micro to Macro.

See, the key is in understanding and getting real about desire…motivation, wanting to…

My clients (I coach men) show up hoping I can teach them how to GET their wives to WANT to want them. Soon they find out that what is true, what is real, is that they are always leading their wives but it is un-conscious leadership. This meandering, asleep leadership has lead her to a diminished desire for him. No reason to to give her all to the relationship.

He soon realizes he is just as turned off and de-motivated as he was accusing her of being. This is the good news! This means he has power to do something about it he never felt he had before..and it isn’t to GET her to DO a damn thing. He learns about attraction, desire, creating motivation.


A young couple in bed has problems and crisis. Divorce and separation.


So the reality that is soon revealed is that HE doesn’t really want her (just the idea of what a wife could be) nor to be in their current incarnation of  relationship but wants sex with her simply because he is horny. This socially programmed “nice” guy is also trying to do the “right thing” by only humping on the woman society has said it is ok for him to hump upon. 

Thing is she doesn’t desire to be humped upon at all, but wants him to WANT HER. She wants him to have an internal desire to WANT to be in the relationship as he is connected to and is dictated by his internally defined life purpose.

Yep. Sexy right? Fuck Yeah, purpose and consciousness is sexy! It’s brave and brave is hot. 


nude man sledding

On her end, she is trying to honor the choices she has made. The choice to be married means that the only social sanctioned sex they both are “allowed” to have is with each other.  

She doesn’t want to rock the boat and loose access to resources especially if she has children to provide for, so she has sex with a man that she can feel is not into her, just horny and rule following.  

She has sex with a man that is willing to have sex with un-enthused her, so she can’t respect him.  So she checks out and goes into fantasy in her head to be able to do it. She does this checking out to cope and his body (if not his mind) will processes as rejection or lack of full acceptance.

sushi bar woman

Women need a strong sense of security and stability to fully open to her wholeness. 

Men AND women need both of these things fulfilled and in proper balance for their yin and yang to be connected and for their to be inner peace. 

I teach men how to lead consciously, on purpose, with purpose in relation to their body, every area of their lives and strategically in their relationships with women. 

When what I teach men becomes the new norm for them, then the world will be a more peaceful and constructive place.

Any questions on my theory?
Re-love-alotion timeline
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Michelle Terrell has been a health and wellness coach since 1995. In those years she collected data and the real life testimonials of thousands of good men who were feeling lost and confused in their love lives. Her workshop students dubbed her The Pistol Whip Hippie because her teaching/coaching style is irreverent, in your face and radically honest (the Pistol Whip part) with the follow up being supportive, nurturing awakened energy (the Hippie part) that inspires men to strive to be their very best.

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  1. Scott

    Question…what about the man who has been proven unable to attract a suitable partner by merit of how he is constructed? You’ve stated such a man should never be in any intimate relationship, ever. Fair enough. Any advice for him in pursuit of a deep, purposeful, meaningful life of integrity WITHOUT the involvement of women/a woman? Thanks in advance.

    1. Michelle Terrell

      Well Scott you have asked this exact question hundreds of times on FB and have been replied to almost that many times until unfriended and blocked so I question your motivation behind the question which is really what this article is about. Of course a man doesn’t need a woman to have a meaningful life but unless he is a hermit living in a cave he WILL come up against the refining power of females and even with limited to no contact with women all male humans still have a yin aspect to reconcile within himself he can’t escape so may as will learn to use it for his personal development.

      Yes it would be unfair to the man to be in a relationship with someone he viewed as unsuitable and also unfair to her. My ideal solution would be that he pursue educational experiences that help him evolve within himself a balance and release as many unattractive obstacles to deep connection as possible.

      You were directed to the video in this mini course for more about how a man that does not choose to involve himself in a sexual relationship with a women or many women can still refine himself through stabilizing unstable emotional reactions in all people. http://pistolwhipuniversity.usefedora.com/courses/breaking-through-with-michelle-terrell

      Further, all my work is about how to develop intimate relationships which is not the same thing as sexual relationships. You must learn to do this first with yourself and a great way to do you self discovery work is through your journey with women and stabilizing unstable energy. This is what every single thing I write, post video or audio record is about and has been for the years you have followed my work and asked this same question over and over…..so, either dig in, do your work and stop asking this SAME question over and over or I will assume you are doing this to be harassing and are highly committed to being a weirdo not get healthy.

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