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Every year for the last 8 years I have hosted a full day event titled The Power of Present Touch we do this about 6 times a year. This special event is for well qualified students that have made the effort to show up along the way leading up to the event.

If you would like to get on that short list or find out more about that that means there are many ways to get engaged and show up on my radar. 

* Follow and and add value on my Facebook page

* Join and participate in my men and women’s online groups.

* Enroll in my online school or do private coaching

* Show up to the FREE Men’s Fireside every 4th Tuesday

* Show up for the FREE Co-Ed Workshop every 2nd Saturday


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The Muse speaks….

“This was my second time volunteering for Michelle’s presentation of the Power of Present Touch for her group of chosen students. Michelle has a calling to bring men back into themselves. To embody what it is to be masculine and how that eases the way for relating to women.

These are men who are willing to take a deep, hard look at themselves and where unconscious programming has brought them to in their relationships and lives as a whole. These are not bad men. They are not stupid men either. These are men who have been let down by a cultural concept that has set them up to be adversarial to the women in their lives. They have been set up by society to fail.

These men recognized within themselves that something needed to change and sought out the knowledge that would provide those answers for them. They found Michelle Terrell.

Michelle creates a wonderful atmosphere for her workshops in a place known as The Space. There is a relaxed, welcoming energy once you arrive that invites you to open yourself up to the day’s possibilities.

Once gathered Michelle dives right into her content as only she can. Michelle’s style can be best summed up as “This is how it is bitches, so listen up!” She is direct, blunt, and irreverent but behind it all is her deep abiding love for what she does. She lifts men up…no, actually she provides men with the tools to lift themselves up and when they do? Well the way she is touched by their progress is writ across her face and her heart.

All of us present were led through clearing and grounding exercises in order for us to focus on what our part in these exercises were to be.

For the men it was to move their awareness into their bodies and out of their minds so they would establish a solid connection to the recipients and for the women it was to be receptive to what we were or were not feeling from the men’s efforts.

For the women who volunteered to be practiced upon Michelle made sure all were comfortable with what was to take place with a thorough explanation of the exercises that were going to be done. She constantly checked in with us and moved about the rooms in case there were any questions to be answered.

Michelle’s years of practice in bodywork proved invaluable as she could spot when any of the men had run into difficulty with a technique or had lost their center. She was able to gently get them re-grounded and offer suggestions of what might work better.

Being on the receiving end of the men’s efforts was a wonderful experience. That moment when I could feel my partner synching in with my energy and knowing he had found his center and was solidly grounded was like no other. All this by him just following my breathing as he gently had his hand on my back.

The men that day truly discovered for themselves the tremendous benefit of being present with a partner, regardless of the context. That connection to the “other” is what makes the whole difference in how one experiences life.

I strongly recommend to anyone to experience one of Michelle’s workshops. You will be forever changed.” – Victoria Martin


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If you would like to qualify for the next Power of Present Touch workshop there are some steps to take to get there. Just be in touch and I will help guide you along. fearlessattraction@gmail.com 

I host 2 events a month for men (fireside 4th Tues and mastery class 2nd Saturdays)
and a co-ed group gathering every 2nd Saturday. 


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What do former workshop students have to say….

“Well this Change Her Mood NOT, Her Mind thing keeps getting better! I had a conversation with my Ex yesterday that had all of the ingredients for a blow up. She started in on a couple things regarding a relationship with our oldest that I would have normally said she was crazy and dismissed her concerns which in turn would have ended in WAR!! lol

Instead I took a deep breath let her voice her feelings.I made sure my breath wasn’t expressing exasperation and annoyance (my business as usual) but that it was purposeful and deeply calming (the new stable me). I then said that I know he loves his mom and this is probably just a misunderstanding. I told her I understand why she is upset and that she should have a conversation with him and that I was sure it would be alright.

I think this completely confused her as I’m sure she was expecting the usual. Her voice changed very quickly from almost in tears to much quieter and calm. I am in the process of teaching this to my sons, so they can avoid the drama and pain I went through. (I hope I get through to my oldest in time! lol)” – Jason


“I wish I had met you prior to my marriage getting beyond repair and and owned my shit back then!!! I have started to share things about you and your program to other friends that I see going down a similar path I was in… or frankly.. just need to learn how to be an enlightened man!!! I?m sure you are well aware… but the work… and person you are is much appreciated!!!” – Ryan


“The Universes timing could not have been more perfect. I was in a place of ending a 30 year marriage to a man who would have greatly benefited from her coaching. By observing her interactions with men I was able to identify where I needed to step up if I was to attract the type of man she seeks to have her coaching students become. Her insight and no holds barred, in your face style has a way of challenging you to be a better person regardless of your gender.”  – Vicky


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Michelle Terrell has been a health and wellness coach since 1995. In those years she collected data and the real life testimonials of thousands of good men who were feeling lost and confused in their love lives. Her workshop students dubbed her The Pistol Whip Hippie because her teaching/coaching style is irreverent, in your face and radically honest (the Pistol Whip part) with the follow up being supportive, nurturing awakened energy (the Hippie part) that inspires men to strive to be their very best.

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