There Are No Pre-Seduced Women. Get over it!

There Are No Pre-Seduced Women

I have coached many men over the years that have “purchased” mail order brides or have been enamored with the idea of having a non American raised woman as girlfriend or wife. I can see the appeal of being with a woman that was raised to let “men be men” and has some domestic skills that it seems American women lack or have little desire to involve themslevs in for a man.

Thing is, these men don’t have the knowledge or skill set to continue to provide the frame for the acculturation that her parents and home culture provided her. Just like they don’t for an American raised women as is required to motivate any woman and all women, to have desire to be purposeful, sexually available and rejoicing in domestic life.

These guys bought into this fantasy that there is some ready made woman that will be taught one way of being in her home culture or in her need to survive and just stay that way like a subservient robot that is always willing to have sex.


When we look into it we find THIS is the pebble in the shoe of ALL marriage contracts where any level of suffering and dissatisfaction exists.

Keep in mind you can purchase willingness and a commitment to an obligation, but NEVER true desire.

Additionally, you can take a woman that is in desire at one point and if you don’t have what it takes to keep her open in desire, then she, just like ALL women WILL loose desire and act out of obligation only.

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There is no insatiable porn whore and there is no woman you can buy in a pre-fab kit and re-assemble in your home land. There is no woman that doesn’t require YOU to show UP in leadership with her so the whole little ideal, you have in your head, doesn’t go sideways fast.

There are no pre-seduced women! There are some that look like they are but they always have something that motivates them…drugs/alcohol, low self esteem, needing a place to stay, money, PTSD, social status, desperation to survive….

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Wouldn’t you rather motivate a woman to have your back in every way, becasue she is SO fulfilled by how you cause her to feel with you?

Wouldn’t you prefer REAL desire that is enthusiastically welling up from within every fiber of her being ALL the way on your team?

Wanna learn how? The women you want to attract, need you to know this stuff to be able to be with you. I swear to God.

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Michelle Terrell has been a health and wellness coach since 1995. In those years she collected data and the real life testimonials of thousands of good men who were feeling lost and confused in their love lives. Her workshop students dubbed her The Pistol Whip Hippie because her teaching/coaching style is irreverent, in your face and radically honest (the Pistol Whip part) with the follow up being supportive, nurturing awakened energy (the Hippie part) that inspires men to strive to be their very best.