The 2 Stage System for Qualifying a Woman to be in Your Life

 The 2 Stage System for Qualifying a Woman to be in Your Life

I don’t encourage the use the old 1-10 system to rate women in my programs. That rating system is popular among men and secretly used by women behind the scenes (female sexual competitiveness is a topic for another day) but is outdated and limiting.  Most often it is criticized for objectifying women, which may well be true, however, I’m more concerned about it crippling a man’s ability to make wise choices that are uniquely right for him.

The old system is based on deferring your sense of what you find to be attractive relative to what media, porn and your friends tell you that you “should” be attracted to and I’ll acknowledge that to be legit to some extent. However, what I have found in my many years helping men connect with women is that men that are not clear and without shame about their sexual desire and their personal preferences end up settling and unhappy in their lives.

So, here is the upgrade on that old system so you can increase your odds at a happy life:

There are 2 types of females as they relate to a man in my book,  and this isn’t demeaning, it’s honest and functional.

*Note to your sub conscious mind… a woman is telling you this and she is giving you the go ahead to think and behave like a man. Go forth without shame about being male and lusty because it serves you AND women to get the bullshit games and cover ups out of the way, right away.

There are no 9’s & 10’s in my system, only 1′s and 2′s.

1′s are Fuckable (to you) 2′s are Not Fuckable (to you)

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The Self Assured Single Guy System Reveled!

Stage 1

Is she Fuckable? (don’t like my made up word for this step then use your own word here, but the point remains)

The 1 or 2 method keeps a guy honest about his intentions and keeps him from settling. If you want another friend then just ignore the fact that you have sexual desire for a woman. She will read you as safe buddy and you will be frustrated and exhausted in your attempts to deny you have sexual desire for this woman that you find desirable. The criteria for ‘fuckable’ is based on your primal instinct in combination with your personal preference about what YOU find attractive.  Nothing wrong with this, it’s just the way it works in reality. So, no shame in your game, is she hot enough to fuck or not is the front line for every man. 

Once again: 1′s are Fuckable (to you) 2′s are Not Fuckable (to you) Bask in your shamelessness about this, as THIS is your base cave boy operating system at work looking out for you. Instinctual drive has tremendous value to your wellbeing and the survival of the species, and even more so when combined with using it consciously. Check that you are basing this on YOUR own criteria of attractiveness, not that of porn or media.

Then you move on to… 

Stage 2

Is she worth Fucking with? (if you are so sensitive that you can’t stand the phrase “fucking with” then change it to what you need to in order to hear my point) This is where you qualify her to be the recipient of your most valuable resources….your time and attention. If you do this out of order or you don’t know your qualifiers (minimums & deal breakers) going into the interaction, then your base cave boy (instinctual drives) will take over leading you nowhere but round and round in your own neediness.

How do you get a woman to be attracted to you, feel comfortable to let her guard down with you???…be agenda free but stay honestly curious about HER, and gather information about if she is more than fuckable, but worth fucking with. If you aren’t honestly interested in her and her life than press on because now you are just seeking validation by getting her to like you or have sex with you (dysfunctional agenda), and headed for bad to mediocre sex.

See, men that can get sex in abundance look at all women as Fuckable or Not Fuckable first and foremost, shamelessly, and THEN they start to qualify her as worth his valuable attention and time. Don’t lead with qualifying, lead with your shameless lusty maleness and turn woman of the world on…which means relax us and light us up. Don’t fuck a woman unless she is worth fucking with, even if she is fuckable, is a good rule of thumb.

(See above for how you know if you are pursuing her for healthy reasons or dysfunctional reasons.)

The world would be a much better place, with less frustrated, bitchy women. So make helping the women of the world get free of their tension as your goal each day, and get all the sex you want. Have the ONE MOST IMPORTANT SKILL to success in a long term relationship fully developed by the time you get to that place in your life.

Counter intuitive, I know. Seems harder than learning a bunch of stuff to memorize and catalog your computer head, I know…because you have to figure out WHO YOU ARE, and trust your own gut instincts in my method, and that seems harder.

Don’t avoid developing your masculinity through this challenge. I promise it is the ticket to happiness.   I PROMISE!   * if you are already married or have a girlfriend you need to learn this in all its depth MORE so than even single guys if you want to relationship to be sexy, fun and lasting.

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4 Responses to “The 2 Stage System for Qualifying a Woman to be in Your Life”

  1. Brian says:

    What do you mean worth fucking with?

    • Michelle says:

      Well if you have to ask than you are most likely giving your personal power away too often to people that should not be the recipient of it. Your attention i.e your most valuable resource and should never be given to any female just because she is fuckable. I believe I covered this in the article when I say a good rule of thumb is to not fuck any woman that isn’t worth fucking with. You must qualify people to share in your valuable resources. Is she worth having in your life at all? is what “she she worth fuckign with” means. Once You invite someone into your inner perimeter they have been given staus with you even if its a one time thing. Your cock and your attention need to be worth a great deal to you. If you don’t have minimums and deal breakers then you are a guy that will take whatever you can get which will never cause any man to feel empowered in his life nor respected by women. Where you stick you dick can have toxic results or life enhancing results whether its one time or for a lifetime you should choose wisely and know your true value going in.

  2. Javier says:

    Lets say that you Identified the woman that meets both criteria, however she just went through a divorce 6 months ago and is not ready yet for a relationship, How do you get her interested in you?

    • Michelle says:

      Go slow. This is a reason to take your time to see if she is worth fucking with or not. She may just be fuckable on the rebound so make your peace with that and stay open to where it may go and stay unattached to it ending sooner than you may prefer. Read my latest blog on why relationships turn into power struggles for more on this matter.

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