Sluts, Whores & Prostitutes

In order to have a constructive conversation, the people involved in the conversation must define terms, or things will get all kinda of sideways and hyper personal real quick. So, for THIS conversation, for the reading of this article please suspend your emotional attachment to the rather inflammatory words here, and realize that my word choices are part of the learning curve.Check your emotions as you move through this.

How are you expecting this in your body? This physical sensation data will give you clues to your where your programming may be keeping you stuck in life and love. If you are triggered and made upset by simply applying these practical working definitions to words, for the sake of a constructive examination of how we relate to each other socially, then you have some emotional maturity growth work to do around you sexuality to do there.
None of these words are are cut downs, simply labels put in place for right now.

After this you can go right back to using these words however it is you like, but while reading, please make it a practice in staying open and feeling into your emotional stuck spots, so you can glean to essence of what is being said instead of getting stuck on the words themselves.

Women have many different motivations for having sex and choosing to attach herself  to a man and his resources, but this article would be a 800 page book if we were to go into all of those here and now.

Here we will stick with the most basic of reasons and how men interface with each of these threes female rationals, in the hopes that this will help you interact with women in a more conscious way, thus saving yourself loads of money, placing a higher premium on your valuable time and so you can make better choices for your long term happiness.

Slut/Consciously Awake Sexually Powerful Woman: is selective about whom she has sex with but her bottom line reason in always desire to WANT to and that desire is not influence by anything other than what turns her on. It is never dependent on financial provision. (she will die or live without a man before becoming a prostitute)

Prostitute/ Business Minded Woman willing to sell or sell out their sexuality for provision: 
There are 2 types. Short term/Profane like an escort, hand job massage gal or street hooker. and Long term like a wife, girlfriend seeking to be a wife or sugar baby.

Ho/Whore: has sex driven by her low self image and desire to inflate that via a man’s status. (she can be a prostitute also)

A wife can be a slut within the constructs of a marriage and a girlfriend that is content and not pushing for marriage can also be a slut. 

Sluts make the highest quality wives and Gf’s but rare is the man that seeks out or can maintain a slut within the legal construct of obligatory marriage. It is only something a highly skilled and warrior hearted man can pull off.

Most men choose the base model (basic bitch) prostitute as a wife because she is just sexually shut down enough for him to manage with his level of skill with women and he can trust her not to do things that might make him look bad to others.

Sluts and high value men are really the only couples that can share resources well and still keep the sexy going. This is the combo to strive for. I help men convert their Basic Bitches wives into enthusiastic Sex Kittens/Sluts like me.


End of the day we get what we ask for…. Men you have 3 options in women.

I am not putting any value spin on any of these. These are already options, just nobody talks about them in honest terms so people can actually make a conscious choice and be happy. If you wish to comment you MUST use the terminology as defined here and not your own filters. Thank you.

Sluts – require you to be charming, understand seduction, and be incredibly present in bed. What she values the most is sharing your time in equal value to hers. She has sex for the joy of it and she loves your undivided attention.Whores – they give it away for free in an attempt to get self-esteem needs met. She is a bottomless pit of insecurity and gets her needs met via dramatic attention seeking behaviors until she gets into therapy, finds Jesus, or is made an “honest” woman via marriage.Prostitutes – There are 2 types.  Short and Long Term ContractedShort term you find on Craigslist and she will agree to a set amount of security/provision i.e. cash for a pre-negotiated time frame and sex acts. She sets the boundaries but some charm skills can get her to consider a wider boundary.

Long Term is greater social status in this culture. Sugar Babies or the state sanctioned version, a wife. Intimacy is implied, charm and seduction skill is not required to improve or deepen her obligation to him. Over time when the man only brings the pay check and not the intimacy and leadership skills, she shuts down and starts working to get out of the chore of sex, or attempts to keep the man distracted with some sex. Just enough to give him hope so he keeps paying over a long period of time or a lifetime. If a woman is planning on having children and she expects financial provision from the father her best bet is to have a legal means to force him to in case this man (she says she loves and trusts enough to have a child with), is in fact, a rat bastard that will abandon her and the children. Doesn’t sound like a lot of good faith in her man right off the bat does it?

The Truth is:

  •  If you want great sex you have to learn how to approach life, your own sexuality, and women properly to get those results. You have to learn the art of opening with charm, so circumstance and people will become highly motivated to WANT to open to you and serve your mission. It’s an investment of your most valuable asset, your time/attention.
  •  If you just want to just pay without any charm, that’s a valid option. In this option you MUST expect that if provision of goods and services is to substitute as your approach, then you really have to negotiate out the terms of that agreement clearly up front. There can be no “implied” intimacy or expectation of the other parties internal motivation to WANT to be with you or help you or whatever without the agreed to payment. This is where the suffering is created.  You set the whole arrangement up for failure if you start to expect the other person to want to without the payment. If you are not willing to learn charm and seduction skills, then you will have to pay dollars and expect only an obligatory return on your shallow investment efforts.  What are you willing to pay (time, energy money…) in exchange for ______________? Stay honest.

Most married men will negotiate sex acts for provision (well actually they tend to defer to the hookers terms don’t they) with their short term contact prostitutes (if they choose to go that route), but strangely not with their more costly long term contracted prostitutes (their wives), and then get upset when the wife wants his attention and to be approached in a charming way. I paid for everything, isn’t that enough for you woman? You should just want to spread your legs for me whenever I want! I paid for it, now I expect a return on my investment. Of course a slave will always work hard to get out of her slave obligations every chance she gets. She has no joy in serving, and does so for pay and to ensure the care of her offspring.

You get what you pay for and if you defer your negotiation power to someone else, you get what they are willing to give or get away with. This isn’t an attack on marriage is just me pleading with people to get real so you can get free and have joy instead of angst in your important relationships.

Please, Get Real.
Stop the counter-productive shaming of sluts.  Sluts only have sex in equal exchange for his time and attention, but not pay or any other provision. Why would doing sex in exchange for (or promise of) provision, goods or services especially this modern time of equal pay for women make her more sanctioned and ethical than a woman that expects material offerings in exchange? Don’t we have this all backward? Sharing of resources with a slut is a very mutually beneficial and well balanced exchange because she refuses to have sex (get with, get engaged to, or get married) for money.

Marry a slut already and stop being so scared of this guys.

Sluts can be quite monogamous and will always be more internally
motivated to serve you than any prostitute,

but she requires you to learn charm and seduction.
Whores… not so much. Starting to get it?

What is your motivation? What is your goal? If you aren’t honest and clear about that, then you have a pile of messed up shit, head games for an intimate relationship where nobody is getting their needs fully met. Truth.

* Oh, and by the way, I am a Monogamous High Quality Slut per my definition stated here…NOT your pre-conceived notions, social filters, old hurts and desire to lash out and injure women with the word the way you have felt injured, rejected, dis-respected by women.  I re-claim, re-define and make a stand for my inner Slut.  I am free!

For more on how to sustain more liberated free relationships with sexually free women and keep them in your life at whatever social status level you like…. sign-in and check out these videos…. Love Without Control Videos



Michelle Terrell has been a health and wellness coach since 1995. In those years she collected data and the real life testimonials of thousands of good men who were feeling lost and confused in their love lives. Her workshop students dubbed her The Pistol Whip Hippie because her teaching/coaching style is irreverent, in your face and radically honest (the Pistol Whip part) with the follow up being supportive, nurturing awakened energy (the Hippie part) that inspires men to strive to be their very best.

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