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If you found my ad cruising Back Page for something else,
you are not the first guy that has found hope in that unlikely place.

When I first became a licensed massage therapist,
almost 20 years ago,
I started to run my ads on Back Page.

I had no idea that would lead to my calling in life.

I have met the best of men that were there because
they had just gotten a bit off their center
and they needed some loving care. 

You can be a success in every area of life with
the best of them, but still carry stress in your
body and harbor confusion in your love life.

My many loyal clients over the years taught
me, men just need some help unlocking their
untapped power mind/body/spirit.


True freedom from stress can only be achieved
when men are properly supported in becoming:

* sensation aware

* in ownership of his personal/physical presence

* given privileged access to the secrets of lasting attraction

* possess know-how to create an amazing, ever expanding healthful sex life.


If it feels like I am talking about you in this video,
then my sessions will be a good choice for you…

After viewing this video are you ready to have me by your side,
moving through this process together?

New Client Options

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Feeling Worried? Confused?
Indecisive about making an appointment?

I understand your desire to feel sure about how you spend your valuable time and money.

I appreciate it.
I respect it.

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Take all the time you need to reassure yourself

1) you could listen to this interview that tells the story of my journey getting into this unique work and why I run ads on Back Page >>> Michelle Interview

2) Learn more about the Mind/Body Integration Portion of the Session Here >>>
Why is Mind/Body Integration so very vital to success in your love life?

3) you could visit the links to my social media and content store houses which are bursting with relevant, rich FREE information. Dig in and make a well informed decision >>> Research Links

4) You can Follow my posts on FB to see if my style is just too intimating and real for you or something you can respect and connect with >>> Life Balance Holistics (professional & events page) or  Michelle Terrell (personal page)

Once you feel more informed and relaxed, feel free to contact me with specific questions so we can get you in good position for you next constructive steps.

Ready to talk about a private session? 

Step 1
Contact Michelle to set up a FREE 15 min
Instant Coaching Phone Consultation
I will ask you the 4 questions that will get to the core of what
is blocking you and will instantly set you up for success moving forward.
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Step 2

Choose between 2 starting point options:

Which session option is a better fit for you?

Option 1
Long Distance
90 min Skype Consult
– $97
covers your online prep content and session 


Option 2
2.5 hr Mind/Body Integration In-Office Session 
– $197 (pay $97 online deposit for prep content and $100 balance due at time of session) 

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Intro Session Prep Content

* the $97 deposit  you will pay online:

(a) serves as your deposit to hold your session with the fee for the session itself due at the time you receive the session.

(b) it serves to offer you instant relief

(c) and as pre-study a means to maximize our time together.

Step 3
Based on the Intro session and your personal wellness goals, we co-create a custom game plan so I can best walk along side you and support your efforts for next session and beyond.

Prefer the Privacy of your own home to
study at your own pace?

You can start right NOW in the privacy of your own home
with the online information packet that I highly
recommend for every man seeking betterment in every area of life.

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