Men You have Love Life Home Court Advantage. Learn it. Use it. Be Powerful. Women Want you to!

Men You Hold Massive Power

Guys please, I beg of you, stop trying to problem solve and resolve interpersonal conflicts while off your rational power position. Life gets so much easier, especially in your love life, when you know your ideal place in the mists of any emotionally tense or awkward situation.

So men, for your own sake, stay on your home-court-advantage playing field!

If I had my greatest wish for men’s well-being and empowerment, it would be that they master the art of staying in their unique power base with purpose. Stay in your lane! Own your playing field!

It Boils Down to This

See, after 20 years listening to men’s struggles with life, they all seemed to all boil down to men simply missing a huge piece to the emotional intelligence puzzle.  I realized, with my female insight, teaching style and heart for men, I was uniquely qualified to provide them this puzzle piece. I came to feel ethically compelled to do so.

Once you are awake to the reality that men are set up to struggle in this way, due to a culture that wasn’t teaching young men anything about this yet, you see clearly that someone has to step up and provide. When men get this piece integrated into their being and lifestyle, they take off in their lives and model it for other men. Its a Micro to Macro thing, it spreads out making the world a better place.

Stay In Your Lane, Be Potent

What I have found is that men are much more effective and posses massive healing power when they stay on their rational-stability playing field.

Modern men tend to knee jerk over to the emotional-processing playing field where the feminine rules. They have been taught and conditioned to behave this way by the culture.

We all have a masculine and feminine aspect to each of us, but it is in our rational-compassionate state that we are the most constructive when things heat up. Rational-Compassion happens in our masculine aspect.

Women will always out emote men, as it is the super power of the feminine in all of us. Female humans are more naturally inclined to accessing this part of themselves.  Further, we all know that emotionally triggered men will always be less constructive and cause your project set backs.



You are Best on Your Rational Playing Field

Don’t go over to their emotional playing field, just don’t go!

Stay calmly centered in your role and purpose by offering a grounded, stable presence to anchor and center the emotional flow of the room and channel it for the good of the work, project or realtionship.

Emotional processing is a highly valuable asset to have on your team, but in order to outsource it to those that are better at it than you (generally that will be female human beings) you need to master the art of offering stability.

This can be done with clarity, which naturally accesses a state of relational-compassion.

When this stabilizing presences is offered to the more gifted emotional-processing person will then be able as well as, in desire to offer their emotional processing, intuitive skill set to the highest good of whatever it is you are trying to accomplish.

In other-words, instead of destructive and derailing hysterics, the masculine presence a man can choose to offer the situation has the power to convert that all-over energy into something highly constructive that can then serve as rocket fuel propelling the situation toward mutually beneficial out comes.

You are a Good Man, You just Need Some Support

The good men I have come to know through my coaching work, have shown up genuinely confused about their place in things when emotionally fired up situations went down, but had no idea this was what was holding them back.

They  soon discovered all they needed was some new knowledge and specific support in order to feel into their own power to be able to stand in their fullest potency as a man in the moment. Maybe even more importantly, to feel great in a sustainable way, after whatever conflict is resolved.

What I found was healthy men simply need to be introduced to the concept and it hit a raw nerve.  Men have told me over and over how this knowledge has validated so much of what they felt was a better way, but were not given permission by the current social norms to act on it. The last thing decent men want to be is a bully or a disrespectful, domineering ass, nobody wants that.



This is Already in Your Heart

I have reassured many men over the years that providing highly conscious emotional support is a kind and loving gift, not a controlling macho jerk thing when done with an open heart and a strong sense the bigger picture.

What I am suggesting is that men learn how to provide solid river banks to whatever river of emotional energy was running through their village at any given moment, especially with women they were intimately involved with, rather than jumping into the river trying to figure the river out or convince it not to be such a scary powerful river.

By being in awe and admiration of the rivers natural power to be both destructive and nurturing, men can hold their own in the face off the raging waters and fulfill their natural role as the provider of the emotionally stabilizing rocks of the river bank. He has the potential to both protect his village and allow the river to run its natural course.

In this way, he is thoroughly honoring and guiding with respect for the nature of things.  Men are in their most whole and naturally self sustaining, healthy selves when they stay clear about what their greatest gift is to give, their stabilizing influence.

The Power is in the Choice

This conscious choice to stay on his own playing field as a self contained, stable being, naturally feeds the inner confidence of men and garners respect, influence and loyalty from others. Its highly attractive and motivating.

Modern men have lots of social-emotional blocks to mastering and bravely offering this powerful emotional guidance system, including social shame for seeking out education and personal feelings of failure having gotten to a certain age and still feeling like you haven’t gotten much figured out this this area yet.

Adding to men’s anxiety about taking on this emotional IQ learning curve thing, women get very upset with men for somehow not having this mastered yet and even they don’t know why they are upset.

This angst in women that is rising up now more than ever, and is exactly why men need to learn their greatest power position isn’t the old domineering way nor over on the feminine emotional playing field.  It about standing in his own well examined authentic power, becoming an agent of peace in any and all emotionally hyped or tense situations.

Women’s Intuitive Nature Appreciates Guidance

Women will always be the ones to sound the warning bell when a culture, tribe or home has become dangerously out of balance. Wise men don’t react. They listen, respect it for what it is and respond calmly.

Yes, emotional upheaval that feels highly irrational to the male sensibility, can be a wild ride way to ring the warning bell, but it is our natural tribal design to do things this way. Why fight nature?

Men that listen to this intuitive wisdom are powerful leaders that desire to save their village from being flooded, and know what power they hold to ensure the river offers life giving refreshment and support instead.

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The foundation to all of this is a lesson I teach titled “Change Her Mood, NOT Her Mind” which applies to every area of life, but is most profoundly mastered through a man’s naturally unfolding journey with women.
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Michelle Terrell has been a health and wellness coach since 1995. In those years she collected data and the real life testimonials of thousands of good men who were feeling lost and confused in their love lives. Her workshop students dubbed her The Pistol Whip Hippie because her teaching/coaching style is irreverent, in your face and radically honest (the Pistol Whip part) with the follow up being supportive, nurturing awakened energy (the Hippie part) that inspires men to strive to be their very best.

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