Did you know that the intense bio chemical flood that happens in the brain when we fall in love is EXACTLY the same as the chemical reaction that takes place when we fear break up loss and experience rejection triggers in our relationships? A marriage coach can help you recognize this.

No wonder it is such a uniquely consuming and painful thing to face being lonely and affection starved with in a relationship. There is no more lonely kind of lonely than that.

This is why many people have affairs, use porn, massage parlors and rebound into another entanglement right away to try to medicate the pain with distraction and avoidance.

It hurts!

It hurts like hell and its complicated to get out of, or repair when you don’t have the skills to navigate the end or rebirth of a love/sex relationship.

Marriage Coaching & Passion Recovery

What I know as a love life coach of many years, is helping men mitigate fall out and find their rational footing, is that, if you can’t recover your inner passion, then you at least want peace of mind you truly did ALL you could.  

Marriage Counseling

This is why so many new clients are in crisis mode when they find me.

Often they don’t even realize they are, so a combination of patient attentiveness and heart-open connection with clear goals toward recovery is required.

Ready to start healing and gaining peace of mind?

Step 1
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Step 2
If you choose to book a video chat intro/intake session you will be offered a link to cover a $40 deposit you will pay online to hold your session and receive online prep content to maximize our session.

Step 3
Based on the Intro session and your personal wellness goals, we co-create a custom game plan so I can best walk along side you and support your efforts for next session and beyond.

Get it ALL dialed UP!
* fully present nervous system re-boot therapy
* compassionate conversation with follow up practices 
*  potent pure-form energetic healing exchange 

Still Point + Coaching Sessions
$80 – 60 min
$120 – 90min
$160 – 2 hours

~ Holistic Health Care & Education that Feels Like Inspiration~

* Never Clinical, Always Heart-Centered & Personal
* Emotionally Safe & Responsive in the Moment
* Certified by the Institute for Integral Therapies
*  Massage Therapist & Healing Arts practitioner since 1995
* M.S.ed Child/Family Studies & Human Sexuality ASU
* CLC Emotional Clearing. Trauma Care. Relationship Care Mind/Body 15 years experience

In that first phone call new clients are often:

  • Filtering things through their past fear and pain, so just referring them along
    to my resources would feel like a rude brush off to them. I honor this and take the time to have a real conversation instead.
  • They can project onto me what they wish I was or what negative things they have experienced before. It’s ok, this is just part of the natural healing process.
  • They can’t see or hear what I am because they have been burned before so they carry an honestly-come-by suspicious (esp of women) energy or don’t trust their own gut so they can’t determine what-is-what anymore.

All of this is expected and part of the process as we find our way to partnering  toward a break through.

Common Marriage Coaching Question.

 “What happens in the session?”

Fear may escalate your need for guarantees and you may be seeking some type of promise about the outcome. Overcoming this is the first step in our coaching work together. False guarantees are a huge part of the cultural myth that sets people up for failure.

Your broken heart hurt is all I hear. It is coming through loud and clear. I know what you need to heal. I am the queen of tough love re-direction, so we WILL break through!

Of course, there is no way I could verbally walk you through a session step-by-step because each one is so unique and based on the individual sitting across from me.

Every session draws from many aspects of my 10 years of earning college degrees, my 16 years as a mind/body practitioner specializing in trauma/anxiety healing and my 20 years actively listening to men and being purposefully responsive to what these brave told me, in a professional coaching capacity.

So how do I encapsulate all of that?
I can’t.

Where do you fit? 

Here is a list of the type clients I attract, the concerns they show up with and the services I provide them to quiet their fear, clear up their confusion and ease their suffering.

#1 Recently Divorced Men that are blocked due to fear of making the same mis-steps with women again that only lead to confusion, loss and feeling of failure.

#2 Married Men & Couples seeking online coaching to Build or Re-Build Lasting Attraction through mastery of Conscious Coupling skills

#3 Single Men motivated to learn how to create Mutually Respectful Sexual
Friendships that lead to lasting loyalty.

#4 Progressive Couples seeking guidance and counseling in Managing a Peaceful Divorce i.e. the Conscious Un-Coupling Process.