Did you know that the intense bio-chemical flood that happens in the brain when we fall in love is EXACTLY the same as the chemical reaction that takes place when we fear breakup loss and experience rejection triggers in our relationships? A marriage coach can help you recognize this.

No wonder it is such a uniquely consuming and painful thing to face being lonely and affection starved within a relationship. There is no more lonely kind of lonely than that.

This is why many people have affairs, use porn, massage parlors, and rebound into another entanglement right away to try to medicate the pain with distraction and avoidance.

It hurts!

It hurts like hell and it’s complicated to get out of or repair when you don’t have the skills to navigate the end or rebirth of a love/sex relationship.

Marriage Coaching & Passion Recovery

What I know as a love life coach of many years, is helping men mitigate fall out and find their rational footing, is that, if you can’t recover your inner passion, then you at least want peace of mind you truly did ALL you could.  

Marriage Counseling

This is why so many new clients are in crisis mode when they find me.

Often they don’t even realize they are, so a combination of patient attentiveness and heart-open connection with clear goals toward recovery is required.

Ready to start healing and gaining peace of mind?

Step 1
Contact Michelle to set up a FREE 15 min
Instant Coaching Phone Consultation
I will ask you the 4 questions that will get to the core of what
is blocking you and will instantly set you up for success moving forward.
Text to (480) 471-8987

Step 2
If you choose to book a video chat intro/intake session you will be offered a link to cover a $40 deposit you will pay online to hold your session and receive online prep content to maximize our session.

Step 3
Based on the Intro session and your personal wellness goals, we co-create a custom game plan so I can best walk alongside you and support your efforts for the next session and beyond.

Get it ALL dialed UP!
* fully present nervous system re-boot therapy
* compassionate conversation with follow-up practices 
*  potent pure-form energetic healing exchange 

Still Point Nervous System Re-Set + Coaching Sessions
$120 – 90min
$160 – 2 hours

~ Holistic Health Care & Education that Feels Like Inspiration~

* Never Clinical, Always Heart-Centered & Personal
* Emotionally Safe & Responsive in the Moment
* Certified by the Institute for Integral Therapies
*  Massage Therapist & Healing Arts practitioner since 1995
* M.S.ed Child/Family Studies & Human Sexuality ASU
* CLC Emotional Clearing. Trauma Care. Relationship Care Mind/Body 15 years of experience