Is She Down to Fuck Or Are You Just a Little Fuck Head?

Is She Down to Fuck Or Are You Just a Little Fuck Head?

There is heated thread running on a friends Facebook page with SO many layers to it. I don’t have time nor energy today to babysit a similar post or I would have posted the image of the young women dressed in raver/burner minimal clothing, that sparked it all. It would have made good troll bait which is always good for weeding those fuckers out. But I’ll share it here….

raver girls meme

The comments on the thread inspired this post…

If you are a guy involved in putting down women… then you are not truly enjoying women.

This behavior is how you can spot a man that isn’t getting his needs met, not fully enjoying his life and frustrated in connecting with women. End of story.

Oh, but there IS more to this story.

I’ve been coaching men, on how to get great with women for 18 years, and have found there is a distinct and predictable language of suffering. Conversely, there is language of enjoyment and ease.  Just is. The men that are not fully connecting, speak a language of lack, blame and frustration.

Take a look at that image above, they look like most of the female waitstaff that dress in raver costume like outfits in the old town club district in Scottsdale AZ. They are professionally beautiful and fun women, referred to as hired guns. They wait tables and provide ambient entertainment that just sorts blends in to the whole atmosphere. It’s so common that all that gawky, grabby, giddy giddy, little school boy charge is off of it.

See, if you want to play in the adult sandbox and sit at the cool kids table in that world, you can’t be a silly ninny about it, you gotta keep your cool.

Only men that live in a lack consciousness get all squirrely about women in tiny costumes and can’t maintain their shit. Only underdeveloped boys call her a slut/whore that is “asking for trouble” and spout off about her “not get enough attention from her daddy” growing up.

This is a commonly taught Pick UP Artist tactic thing to say. The PUA industry is one that prays upon nerdy, frustrated men that hold a bitterness against “those stuck up sluts that won’t give-me-any” and they pay good money after bad to learn things like using, what they call a “neg” to put a woman down. This tactic is used to see if she will be thrown off balance and/or “lower herself” to qualifying and defending herself to the guy that spoke the low value “neg”.  This is then interrupted by the trainee PUA as a sign that she sees her value as lower than his and to his underdeveloped mindset, means he should keep putting the pressure on her to comply with his wishes.

These guys are not seeking or checking for attraction, only for low compliance thresholds and gullibility. Not a recipe for real enjoyment and mutual appreciation huh?

Men that are great with women don’t get goofy around professionally beautiful women in hot costumes …or swimsuits ….or whatever, anymore than they get that way about any woman, dressed any way she wants.

They certainly don’t tolerate that low end behavior from their crew. In fact, high value men reject and scold betas boys from their social circle if they show up in a way that will ruin the good time… a good time that is for mature participants only.

party on the beach

These men have no need nor desire to put down women….they select and modify the behavior of the women they are attracted to and fit in HIS world (which is wherever he is) if she is to qualify to stay or earn her spot closer to the inner circle …not the other way around.

So, he has lots of women around that are more than willing to get into the groove of his pace and its a good time for all. If she isn’t down or not a fit then he supports her in her chosen place in HIS world, because it is HIS world after all. High value men choose to see that as his cue to be a gracious host. He choose to lift up and help along rather than cut down.


woman feeding man

When you run you life like highly attractive men do, there is no time or inclination to put anyone down, he sees no need or value in the practice.  He is especially conscientious around his powerful impact on the women of the world, because a high value man truly loves women. That is the “game” he rolls. No front. No hate. He lives to enjoy the company of amazing women and he finds something amazing in all the women he comes in contact with in his journey. 

Now how many of these type of Mac Daddies with High Integrity Men do you or the the boys on that FB thread, get to hang out with and observe? 1 or 2 ever? None?

Men that are knee deep in amazing woman are a rare breed of man and in high demand, so it’s not very likely that a guy that choose to slut shame will have much, if any, opportunity to hang with these high value men.

If one of them were to let any of the shamer-boys hang with them it would only be to teach/model for them the ways of men that live from a mindset of abundance, men that have women ENTHUSIASTICALLY lending what she has to his purpose. He would do this as a favor and gift to the world, and women.

He would tell them, “Less name calling and more purpose pursuing young lads!

You’ll be glad you set your focus and feet that direction instead. I promise.

Women are most attracted to a man that is focused on his purpose, not boys that are preoccupied with girls.”


Some guys where just were not raised around solid men.

They were not privy to the club, but you are >>> The Integrated Man.

Michelle Terrell has been a health and wellness coach since 1995. In those years she collected data and the real life testimonials of thousands of good men who were feeling lost and confused in their love lives. Her workshop students dubbed her The Pistol Whip Hippie because her teaching/coaching style is irreverent, in your face and radically honest (the Pistol Whip part) with the follow up being supportive, nurturing awakened energy (the Hippie part) that inspires men to strive to be their very best.

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