Develop Your Unique Identity & Own Your Voice to Gain Respect as a Man

I Was Asked to Write About My Online School Success

Out of 100 up-and-coming online teachers I was selected to write about my “tactics” to increase enrollment and engagement in my online school.  I was kind baffled since I have no tactics, so I simply wrote about my life as a loud mouth broad on a mission.

I figured there was no way they would use my story. I had openly admitted to having no online sales game, so why would they?

When I saw they had chosen my story as one of six, I held my breath reading it. I was greatly relived and extremely flattered to read what they wrote.  It validated that I clearly live out loud what I teach my students to become ….


6. Tip: Use Your Personality & Voice to Differentiate Your Content

Pistol Whip Hippie University
Taught by: Michelle Terrell
Description: Maximize Your Journey with Women for Personal Growth as a Man


You can read the full article here…
6 Tips for Success from  Online School Owners 

Here is the Abbreviated Version…

Michelle Terrell knows her voice, and that might be the biggest understatement of the year.

In every sentence, social post, paragraph and lecture of her course, Michelle’s voice comes through and her perspective on life, what she’s teaching and what she’s selling is apparent.

In her own words, “…how I do my work is how I live….it IS me. I don’t mean I am the front woman or the ‘brand’ per se, as much as I live out loud the call that I feel is on my life, to use my gifts and influence wisely.”

Wile Michelle doesn’t like to call her personality a marketing tactic, it is one of the most effective ways to engage an audience.

Am I the First to “Brand” in this Way?

Take Marie Forleo for instance. She has built an empire as “part business strategist, part marketing maven and part spiritual ass-kicker with a side of hip-hop swagger.”

I detailed the importance of finding your voice in Ten Tips for More Powerful Copywriting.

And sure, this can turn off a few people who don’t align with that voice, but at the end of the day, these people are not your target audience and you’d have a hard time getting them to engage.

“…by passionately living my life and doing so with a loud mouth that doesn’t hold back much, I polarize people and kinda force them to choose a side. They can stay stuck in the old way of life or step up into a more and more authentic way of life,” said Michelle.

This also helps you tailor your content. Think about it. You can be a lot more convincing if you know you’re writing to all female forty-year-olds vs. trying to write to everyone.

What I love about Michelle is that throughout all communication, she is herself. Her persona is not adapted to drive sales, she’s honest about who she is.

She cites this as a reason for her success.

“I feel this is due to being felt as authentic, passionate and having a bigger world vision that fuels my day-to-day interactions with everyone, and most especially my students that inspire me deeply.”

This is the kind of passion that ignites and engages.

Michelle has generated 6K in sales in four months since she launched and has over 350 students. Not to mention a 60% open rate on emails.

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Michelle Terrell has been a health and wellness coach since 1995. In those years she collected data and the real life testimonials of thousands of good men who were feeling lost and confused in their love lives. Her workshop students dubbed her The Pistol Whip Hippie because her teaching/coaching style is irreverent, in your face and radically honest (the Pistol Whip part) with the follow up being supportive, nurturing awakened energy (the Hippie part) that inspires men to strive to be their very best.

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