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In-Office Theraputic Nervous System Re-Boot:
1 Hr + 15min $80
2 Hr  $120
(Once a Month Price Point )

Video Chat Sessions:
1 Hour Video Chat Session – $80
3 – one hour – Custom Coaching Plan
co-created homework plan used to prep for next session

Combo In-Office & Online Custom Coaching Program
12 hours of focused sessions – Schedule a combination of coaching lessons (video chat or in-office) and mind/body intigration session work. 

All my exclusive content laid out in a time tested, proven system for retention and maximization of application of everything most men don’t know , but need to!

Custom programs of study are laid out much like a college course, yet are  customized  for your unique situation and goals.

All sessions are geared to practical and instant application in your daily life.  My 20+ years experience has lead me to design blocks of individualized content that promote instant relief from confusion about love life entanglements and challenges.

My clients report feeling more clear and capable after only a few lessons and are encouraged being able to track sustainable progress as they hit the ground running with new knowledge.

My course work is a lot like a Lego system, the mastery of one concept builds onto the next until the goal of that specific program is achieved.

The way it works is each program provides a set number of sessions to be used as a check in for accountability and retention on the homework assigned or resources shared between each session.

The private session time is spent talking about whatever has come up for the client that is confusing and/or worthy of celebration in-between sessions.

Engaging in sessions and group work that offer a mind and re-boot of the Central Nervous Systems will help you gain full mastery over your potential for sensory awareness and processing. Vital to love life enjoyment and natural sustainability.  

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Who will benefit from coaching?

#1 Recently Divorced Men
that are blocked due to fear of making the same mis-steps with women again that only lead to confusion, loss and feeling of failure.

#2 Married Men & Couples seeking to Build or Re-Build Lasting Attraction through mastery of Conscious Coupling skills

#3 Single Men motivated to learn how to create Mutually Respectful Sexual Friendships that lead to lasting loyalty.

#4 Progressive Couples seeking guidance in Managing a Peaceful Divorce i.e. the Conscious Un-Coupling Process
All of this is accomplished first and foremost through Male Empowerment via a man’s current journey with women, creating hope for the future.


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