Private Coaching

We start with a phone consult and move into
co-creating a holistic game plan for your total well being mind/body/spirit.

We use your love life journey as dynamic catalyst for your personal development and self discovery. 

First Time Client Intake Session

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Step 1
Contact Michelle to set up a FREE 30 min
Instant Coaching Phone Consultation
I will ask you the 4 questions that will get to the core of what
is blocking you and will instantly set you up for success moving forward. 

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Step 2
Book an In-Depth Intro Session
60-90 min Phone or Video Chat Consult

– $97
Covers your online prep content and the session.
Michelle will send you the link for your online content. 

Step 3
Based on the Intro session and your personal wellness goals, we co-create a custom Mind/Body healing and educational game plan that fits your specific needs and goals. 


  • Michelle! Change Her Mood, NOT Her Mind changed my life. It was painful and required a huge leap of faith, but the rewards are fulfilling.

    This is my partners natural way of tending to me. It shocked me. It frightened me. I didn’t know how to express myself under these new rules of engagement.

    Then something magical happened. I knew in my heart I could trust this one. I asked myself what if I trusted him fully? I received the greatest gift of all. I began to trust myself fully.

    When I need to emote, I do. When I am wound tight and need to have my mood changed I ask for help and he stabilizes me.

    That interaction has deepened our intimacy.

    My friends think I am nuts.

    It took me some time to understand that they aren’t ready. I know my partner had my best intentions at heart.

    I knew the old paradigm didn’t empower me. In the beginning my partner would say to me, “You have an amazing life. Go, live it! And come home and tell me about it.” I loved the way I felt with him. Yet I couldn’t own my needs.

    I knew this was the next step in my evolution.

    I found you while researching evolved women. Thank you for the work you do.” ~ Christa

  • I remember the first time I met Michelle Terrell. I had never heard of any of the things she was dishing out about men and life. No one was teaching that message and certainly not in such a colorful in yo fucking face format. She tells it like it is and I respect and appreciate that so much about her. She has taught me far too many things to post here and I’m still learning and growing in great part to her.

  • Michelle Terrell has been an instrumental influence over the greater development of not only my deeper relationship to my feminine self – also a deeper richer relationship w all the men in my life – father, brother and son included! Thank you for showing me how to Have Men in my life — and for an alternative to the standards to a killing norm.

What are the sessions and programs like?

25 years ago a wise mentor of mine taught me that if you really help people you, will be successful and never starve. How right he was!

I just checked my Angie’s List account and there were these 3 new reviews… WOW!

I needed some help in relationships after a failed marriage and a series of failed relationships.

Member Comments:
Her program is an amazing experience where you have work and assignments to focus on a particular aspect of what she determines you through the counseling sessions.

Her centerpiece – Change her Mood Not Her Mind – is an incredible journey to find out what you desire in living and who you really are and therefore how to attract high quality people in your life who share your common values. As you progress more you will learn how to have deeper emotional connections with people and how to eliminate all the jealously that can come with that.

What also makes her unique is that she knows that you have to learn how to get back in touch with all 7 senses thru your body. She calls this getting your ‘Spidey sense’ back. It results in incredible improved interactions with other people allowing you to sense situations BEFORE it gets out of control.

You will also learn how to experience a mind blowing s** life that words can never do justice. You learn how to get out of your head and let your bodies do all the talking!

All aspects of my life have improved in dealing with my children thru my custody with my ex-wife and a renewed confidence at work resulting in a promotion and a possible second on the way.

All this in less than a year.

And if this wasn’t enough, you become a member of a private group of other men that are going thru the same journey you are and are at all different levels of their improvement. The group is an amazing group of other people that provides a safe space to ask questions, share testimonials, or even just vent. There are other life coaches in the group that also provide feedback. You get the chance to ‘give an idea a test run’ before using it in the deal practice.

I could write this review for days. if cost is an issue ask yourself how much
is it costing you getting it wrong? This is simply the best decision I have ever made and I can truly and confidentially say I am living as I always dreamed. Thank you Michelle!!

Self improvement through relationship coaching, during a face to face office visit.

Member Comments:
In one word, effective.

In many words,

Michelle is an excellent coach who balances a genuine caring for her clients
with an innate ability to ask difficult questions and make insightful observations
at the right time.

I can truly say that through Michelle’s coaching I have made measureable strides in all areas of my life including relationships with my children, ex-wife, co-workers, and most importantly with myself.

Whether you are looking to improve you current marital relationship or are simply looking to improve yourself as a person I highly recommend a closer look at Michelle and her programs.

I began seeing Michelle because I had an ongoing pattern of becoming involved with women who were unhealthy for me, having relationships that were unsatisfying.

This in time led to having a lot of difficulty getting motivated to get out of the house and meet new women. I was becoming more and more jaded and was no longer enjoying myself socially. I decided that something needed to be done.

Member Comments:
I can’t say enough about Michelle and how much she has helped me. I signed up for her program which included ample written resources, videos, work sheets, and books. Her therapy sessions build on the resources and target my specific blockages.

In session, we began by speaking about where and why I am stuck. She quickly honed
in on the sources of my blockages and empowered me to break through them.

Sessions include body work which I had never experienced before.
Sure I’ve had messages but never one that was designed to allow for
physical/spiritual integration of the sessions growth. Michelle stated that she promotes the equivalent of 2 years worth of psychotherapy through the body work. She’s not exaggerating.

Michelle also provides a support forum with other men that are in her program. It’s a safe place where I can talk about my experiences, my frustrations, and my successes. I receive honest and incredible helpful feedback from my peers.

After only 4 sessions with Michelle I have experienced a drastic change in how I feel about myself. I exude the confidence that she helped me to regain.
Her focus on helping me break free of negative self talk and self beliefs that
have kept me stuck along with extensive education about the true nature of men & women and how they relate is invaluable!

This is a program that every man who is seeking a fulfilled life needs to take!