Discover how the stages and phases of our own healing & personal empowerment
work impacts our love lives. 

Our love life expansion or contraction deeply effects our overall sense of well being and health. 

When we address our angst and frustrations in this area of life,
we remedy and resolve conflict in every other area of life.

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*This course content (retail value of $197) 

* Monthly LIVEstreamed Webcast Interactive Classes with Michelle and a different male peer mentor or fellow coach each week 

* Group Coaching in private discussion & peer support within an exclusive and safe haven group forum with Michelle Terrell and other guest coaches 

* Q&A live chats and on-the-spot auto track responses in the moment when a discussion or a member needs extra attention for clarity.

* Daily feeding of relevant content to support your leveled UP love life journey

* New content releases and exclusive material to prep you for classes and maximize your total experience and retention.

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The Love Life Level Up Community and Virtual Classroom is for:

Both Single Men & Women or those in a Relationship with or without their partner.

Folks in Crisis or Crossroads or those Generally Content but seeking Expansion and ever increasing Connection

Life Long Learners that want to add value to their lives and the world.

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