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New Client Intake for Conscious Un-Coupling Services 

* Take Pro-Active Steps BEFORE the Court System Takes Over! *

Avoid Drama, Loss and Court Mandates through Powerful Preemptive Moves that will serve you long term in your new life. 

This is the same skill set you will need to:
* date successfully after divorce.
* co-parent well and maintain influence in your children’s lives.
* avoid repeating & passing on the same relating patterns that don’t work.
*  maintain a genuine friendship with your ex that lasts a lifetime!

My approach is progressive, prevention-focused, alternative and highly effective!

I help men create extraordinarily potent influence with his wife, RIGHT NOW so he is in the best position possible to support to guide the process in a constructive and positive manner.

I help men that are invested in…
* smooth, fair division of assets
* a mutually agreeable plan for meeting obligations
* to make the co-parenting transition as easy on everyone as possible

TRUTH is that men at the end of their marriages need to quickly develop a very specific skill set and have the right support resources made available to them.

You can mediate a conscious un-coupling no matter where you already are in the process – before or after deciding on divorce/separation, before engaging attorneys, during the process of negotiating with attorneys or along side the help of a clinical therapist.

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You may opt to work with me via Phone, Video Chat or at my Mesa office.

* BOTH PARTIES must request phone consults, download the starter stage of healing e-course on individual student accounts.

Step 1
Contact Michelle to set up a FREE 30 min
Instant Coaching Phone Consultation
I will ask you the 4 questions that will get to the core of what
is blocking you and will instantly set you up for success moving forward.
Text to (480) 471-8987

Step 2
If you choose to book a video chat intro/intake session you will be offered a link to cover a $40 deposit you will pay online to hold your session and receive online prep content to maximize our session.

Step 3
Based on the Intro session and your personal wellness goals, we co-create a custom game plan so I can best walk alongside you and support your efforts for the next session and beyond