A young couple in bed has problems and crisis. Divorce and separation.

Avoiding the Crazy Cycle and Encouraging the Sexy Cycle

Avoiding the Crazy Cycle and Encouraging the Sexy Cycle

So here is a theory I have been working with for a while in my coaching work. I came to this after listening to man after man for 20 years+ tell me the same thing basically over and over.

The more neurotic, controlling, demanding and/or overt a woman is the less fun and sexy she is but the easier she is for a young or emotionally underdeveloped or Nice Guy Syndrome guy to be in a relationship with because he at least has clear cues to follow.

He isn’t enjoying his masculinity much but it is more comfortable to just follow her lead, so her defers to her to define his life and the relationship.

This may seem to calm her security needs for a time but, of course, this and he becomes a burden on her at some point. This usually happens when she has children that need her full attention or evolves herself consciously and no longer wishes to emasculate a man to get a false sense of power/security.

We were taught that this is what it will take to be in a relationship right? Sacrifice. That word and concept is NOT what your child-like mind thought that meant.


Catch-22’s all over this one.

He requires challenge, not ease to fully develop himself as a man and to keep a woman feeling loyal and sexy with him. If he is avoiding this he becomes a failure to launch even if he has all the worldly toys and tokens that he was told to get to be attractive and feel whole.

He ends up in the Friend Zone in his marriage which is anything but friendly.

A young couple in bed has problems and crisis. Divorce and separation.

She must find a man that can take her further and deeper than she can take herself in order to feel safe enough to surrender into her full femininity. If she can’t respect and gain stability from her man then she will start to place her attention elsewhere in search of what he can’t provide.

She will begin to suffer from Confused Bitchiness Syndrome to match his Nice Guy Syndrome and beat herself up for feeling this way about such a “nice guy’ that she “should” be attracted to…wishes she could be attracted to.

It is a crazy cycle people get trapped in, over and over.
I help people get into the Sexy Cycle instead.

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Michelle Terrell has been a health and wellness coach since 1995. In those years she collected data and the real life testimonials of thousands of good men who were feeling lost and confused in their love lives. Her workshop students dubbed her The Pistol Whip Hippie because her teaching/coaching style is irreverent, in your face and radically honest (the Pistol Whip part) with the follow up being supportive, nurturing awakened energy (the Hippie part) that inspires men to strive to be their very best.