Ready to leave your stress and anxiety behind?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if the tension could be
 simply lifted out of you on a cellular level, freeing
you from old stress patterns without having 

to rehash old wounds and past history?

I am certified practitioner of a deep trance state induction
called Still Point Therapy, which is exceptionally relaxing.

It’s better than a massage, because it’s not a surface level rub down, nor is it clinical or deeply aggressive in ways that can trigger the nervous system into fight or flight.

It is powerful, not invasive.

It is re-boot therpay that calms the Vagus Nerve.

This is the root level care I believe is required for all levels of anxiety to be reduced and to quiet the unconscious flight or flight reaction held at a cellular level, that is blocking you from the joy and freedom you crave in life. 

Still Point Theta Induction is a total soothing of your entire Central Nervous System so new knowledge can be adsorbed to help you live your best life NOW!

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I love this method MUCH more than a traditional massage,
because we can get a full system unwinding
and total mind/body reboot to happen in such an potent, lasting way.

Step 1
Contact Michelle to set up a FREE 15 min
Instant Coaching Phone Consultation
I will ask you the 4 questions that will get to the core of what
is blocking you and will instantly set you up for success moving forward.
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Step 2
If you choose to book a video chat intro/intake session you will be offered a link to cover a $40 deposit you will pay online to hold your session and receive online prep content to maximize our session.

Step 3
Based on the Intro session and your personal wellness goals, we co-create a custom game plan so I can best walk along side you and support your efforts for next session and beyond.

Get it ALL dialed UP!
* fully present nervous system re-boot therapy
* compassionate conversation with follow up practices 
*  potent pure-form energetic healing exchange 

Still Point + Coaching Sessions
$80 – 60 min
$120 – 90min
$160 – 2 hours

~ Holistic Health Care that Feels Like Inspiration~

* Never Clinical, Always Heart-Centered & Personal
* Emotionally Safe & Responsive in the Moment
* Certified by the Institute for Integral Therapies
*  Massage Therapist & Healing Arts practitioner since 1995
* M.S.ed Child/Family Studies & Human Sexuality ASU
* CLC Emotional Clearing. Trauma Care. Relationship Care Mind/Body 15 years experience

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