7 Secret Stages Every Great Relationship and Break Up Recovery Must Complete

7 Secret Stages Every Great Relationship and Break Up Recovery Must Complete

Chapter 2 of the book “The Future of Love” by Daphne Rose Kingma discusses relationships as social conventions and how to start moving into a better way of accessing motivation at a soul level to creating amazing relationships instead.  

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The current norm in combination with a new culture where women have financial independence has created a guaranteed relating clash and diminishing return in modern relationships.  Math doesn’t lie. What is undeniably showing up in 80% of all American marriages is due to some vary specific and avoidable attraction killers.

The average unaware good person will go along with the norm and step right into a series of downward spiraling patterns that destroy any chance of lasting attraction, causes intimacy disconnect and smothers sexual desire. 

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In Chapter, 4 Kingma lays out her observations about stages an intimate relationship processes through to achieve transformation and become an illuminated relationship that thrives.

In this video, I have applied her 7 stages to what I have observed in my 18 years coaching men through break up/divorce recovery so they can move on to find a more fulfilling life with women.

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Michelle Terrell has been a health and wellness coach since 1995. In those years she collected data and the real life testimonials of thousands of good men who were feeling lost and confused in their love lives. Her workshop students dubbed her The Pistol Whip Hippie because her teaching/coaching style is irreverent, in your face and radically honest (the Pistol Whip part) with the follow up being supportive, nurturing awakened energy (the Hippie part) that inspires men to strive to be their very best.