Q: Do Toxic Mothers Love Their Children? Part 1 of 7

7 Questions About Toxic Mothers Answered
Part 1 of 7

Q: Do Toxic Mothers Love Their Children?

The answer to this is simple, no. This is becasue they have sustained severe damage to their character development, for whatever reason, and their idea of love isn’t what healthy people know to be love.

But they do very much care what happens to their children, just as they care what happens to their owned property or how the stuff that have acquired to use to establish their identity and social status, makes them look.

Their children are more like accessories they polish and position to enhance and advance their own purposes to the Toxic Mom. The children are only there to make them look certian way as they play the part they have crafted to use when interfacing with other people (that they also seek to use) and to give them emotional energy fixes, or what is commonly referred to as “supply” in modern pop psychology terms.

This looks and feels like leeching or vampire energy sucking to their victims. Over time it becomes a normalized body felt-sense for the target being drained.

They have an attachment to their children, which looks a lot like love behavior and is confused with love, but is not pure form love as a person with a more developed and less damaged character experiences love.

Their version of love has an under current of need-to-control to feel safe and a means to get fueled up when their attention tanks are running low or they need a super boost of stolen off energy to accomplish something. The toxic mothers only understanding of love is, what those that have experienced deep soulful love, would view as simply surface level attachment and giving-to-get behavior.

Truly Toxic Moms (character damaged women) are not capable of love, empathy or care for anyone but themselves. We can have pity for them, we can hold love for them in our hearts, as a decent human does for all living beings, but we must set boundaries with them that are clear (mostly to us) and more than just strong, they must be strategically placed and fortified, when it comes to dealing with a toxic mom.

Toxic Moms are selfish, manipulative individuals who long only to satisfy their own desires and needs, that do a great job with cultivating and promoting their cover story image. They are masters of sucking in emotionally needy, bored and lonely people to do their bidding and serve as a energy supply. Think back to how naive you were when you met your toxic ex, and how long it took for you to figure out even the half of their plotting, and just know that there are plenty of other people with a target on their heads to be used and abused by these women out there for them to choose from.

They don’t change and they don’t end up getting better for the next guy. Why would they, don’t see anything wrong with what they do and they get results that favor them? Toxic people aren’t all smart or super savvy, but they do have in common a highly sensitive dialed up radar to spot a new easy target and the manipulation skills to motivate that person, all down to a science.

Therefore, their motivations for having children (and the culture normalizing the notion) are based in the fantasy of gaining consistent and easy “love” or in the case of a toxic mom, built in minions to manipulate attention from and gain an adoration supply form forever i.e. fulfilling their own wants and needs in a self-absorbed way.

Is a short sighted approach to life which always back fires on them in small chiping away at their cover story ways and eventually in the bigger, big picture ways. This is true of anyone that buys into the norm culture as a guide book, failing to develop their own self of self and inner compass.

Good dads will always feel victimized until they learn a few basic things for managing adult life with a grown perspective and skills sets that set them apart from the masses. The fact is, the culture and our childhood upbringing couldn’t have didn’t prepared us to be in mastery of what we need to survive ad thrive in the epic fuckery that is family court and toxic ex spill over.

Decent, motivated dads need great support and new knowledge if they are going to convert the frustion of their situation into constructive gold. This is especially true when it comes to managing life well even though you have a with a fully loaded toxic tanker truck reeving its engine pointed directly at your house at the ready to dump its load in your living room at the slightest irrational provocation.

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