7 Mind Games of Toxic Women: know them so you can adjust and move on with dignity

7 Mind Games of Toxic Women: know their games so you can adjust and move on with dignity 

Key Points you must come to fully embrace if you are to ever to break free:

⚠️ Toxic women love to figure out how to get you to do their bidding.  

⚠️ They truly do not care how you feel about that.  

# 1 “I want you to trust me completely” they love bomb in the beginning & suck you in with enticements so you will open up and pour out self to them.  This is so they can take clinical useful notes, not to be supportive, build you up or create deeper intimacy.

#2 They seek to establish and upper hand and then criticize to get power over due to their own un-examined past trauma.  They never feel emotionally safe so they create petty games to win in order to soothe themselves for awhile like a junkie with their drug of choice.  

#3 They enjoy instilling fear and, in fact, this is their main or only skill they have to get their needs met or at least a fix for a while.  They get off when you fear them and their strong emotions. You become more calculating in how you operate and walk on egg shells to survive. Your usual sweet response style adjusts into a protective stance, which actually defers your personal power over to them. 

#4 They sabotage you and work against you behind your back.  Their main tool in gaining the upper hand (to feel a false sense of safety) is to isolate you and keep others from having faith in you, so they can be seen as superior.  

#5 They find flaws and gather evidence of your past mis-steps and hold them against you.  They act (because a performance is all they know how to do) understanding in the moment and then throw it up in their face later. Data collection for future abuse, is what they are doing, not building the bridges of connection you so desperately desire. It looks good on the surface but lacks integrity.  

#6 They need to come across as blame less. And this is where the NGS (Nice Guy Syndrome) guy and the Toxic Female are the same and is both the key to the attraction but also the very thing that will break the spell and set a good man free. 

When we can’t own our own mis-steps and have to have someone to blame and pin our error on so that can appear without blemish, we can’t go deep, we will forever crave real intimacy and we will continue to attract abusive, destructive paths and partners. 

#7 Duty & Obligation shaming to gain compliance is the main weapon the Toxic Woman uses to keep a Nice Guy in check.  

Rules to follow that they make up and barrow (and twist) from punishing mindset social code is the main format they use to keep unhealthy compliance. They don’t know how to attract anyone into wanting them for them so they feel they have to use tricks, pressure, guilt and the law to intimidate others into giving them attention and provision.

They LOVE the idea of contracts that bind and social pressure that creates shame guidelines to follow and enforce.  They don’t feel the rules are for them but are hyper fixated on enforcing them.  

This is why NGS men are such easy targets for toxic rule enforcers, they are needy for a strong leader and female approval, since they never learned how to provide that for themselves in life prior to meeting the toxic woman.  
Fear motivated followers loose whatever is unique about them and are then told by the toxic dominatrix who to be what, to like and how to behave.  

Solution steps how-to’s we cover in
workshops, online classes and private coaching:

 🔅 Don’t give them the reaction they want fear, anger, defensive game.

 You will learn What To Do instead.  

🔅 While it’s reasonable to confront and expose them, it’s only useful if you can handle it emotionally.  

Learn how to claim you strength to call bad behavior out in a way that doesn’t further injure you and insulates your children.  

If you are not able to directly speak your truth to them, it is required that you be able to fully express it in all other areas of your life.  

You will learn what it means to adopt the “I only behave in dignified ways that align with my core essence” way of life. 

🔅 Respond Don’t React. Never again will you be tempted to go down argumentative rabbit holes with a toxic person.  

You will learn how to clearly state and live your standards and offer a clear reply to anything and everything challenging you ever confront or is confrontational to you in the future.  

Learn to have your Yes = a fully embodied Hell Yes
and your No= a decisive unapologetic hard pass NO…
consistency, if you want peace. 

And if you don’t, then just keep doing things the same way you have been and then I can give you the one guarantee I can give in this work, you WILL keep attracting the same toxic garage again and again.  

🏹 How badly do you want a new life is the only question here. 🏹 

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Michelle Terrell has been a health and wellness coach since 1995. In those years she collected data and the real life testimonials of thousands of good men who were feeling lost and confused in their love lives. Her workshop students dubbed her The Pistol Whip Hippie because her teaching/coaching style is irreverent, in your face and radically honest (the Pistol Whip part) with the follow up being supportive, nurturing awakened energy (the Hippie part) that inspires men to strive to be their very best.

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