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Private Coaching Sessions 
One-on-one personalized coaching with Michelle offers you the most direct access to a wealth of wisdom that can be applied to your unique situation, bringing both instant relief and long-term sustainability.

She has 20+ years of clinical experience helping good dads and their new partners attract the love, career fulfillment, and parenting outcomes they desire and deserve.

Allow Michelle & her team to help you eliminate unwanted drama, unravel mind/body stress, and gain new knowledge so you can reclaim your personal power, even under the most demanding and toxic of circumstances.  

◊ Receive a professional assessment of your mind-body stress levels and love life transition challenges.

◊ Create a game plan for a current relationship upgrade,  a cooperative break-up transition or establish strong boundaries to set you up for success when dealing with a high conflict soon-to-be-ex and your new love life. 

◊ Enrich your understanding of what it takes to cultivate spirit-aligned, deeply satisfying, and lasting partnerships that are uplifting and passionate. 

◊ Gain closure and discover why some people seem to sustain lasting attraction with ease, while others struggle and experience decline.

◊ Embrace your stage of healing and begin to see how your inner dialog impacts every area of your life, especially your most important relationships.

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Am I the coach for you?

Am I the coach for you?

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