Ready for Something
Exceptionally Different in
Mind/Body Healing?

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Ready to leave your stress and anxiety behind?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if the tension could be
 simply lifted out of you on a cellular level, freeing
you from old stress patterns without having 

to rehash old wounds and past history?


I am Michelle Terrell, certified practitioner of a deep trance state induction
called Still Point Therapy, or Stillness Induction Healing, which is not a massage, but better. 

Why, because it is exceptionally relaxing with deeper and lasting effects.

I use:
warm stones on the neck,
aroma therapy,
lower back heating pad,
sound vibration therapy table,
moist heat compress,
feet/ear/jaw/hand reflexology,
guided breath meditation
and table-thai assisted mobility therapy to enhance the journey to your unique Still Point.

My sessions are better than any massage you have ever had, because it’s not just some surface level rub down, nor is it clinical or aggressive.
 It’s a total soothing of your entire Central Nervous System.


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I love this method MUCH more than a traditional massage,
because we can get a full system unwinding
and total mind/body reboot to happen in such an potent, lasting way.


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Get it ALL dialed UP!

* fully present touch therapy
* compassionate conversation
and a potent pure-form energetic healing exchange


Mind/Body De-Armoring Still Point  & Spinal Unwinding Therapy
$80 – 60 min

$120 – 90 min


Mind/Body therapy with relationship & empowerment coaching 
De-armoring bodywork and supportive conversation in combination
with online resources
 to help you untangle and master life & love challenges. 
$197 – 2 hrs with required online prep


I love providing safe space for meaningful conversations about what is important to you.
we can just be present, quiet & fill the space with a peaceful energy with our time together.

* Never Clinical, Always Heart-Centered & Personal
* Emotionally Safe & Responsive in the Moment
* Certified by the Institute for Integral Therapies
* LMT 18 years
* M.S.ed Child/Family Studies & Human Sexuality ASU
* CLC Emotional Clearing. Trauma Care. Relationship Care Mind/Body 15 years

You may also want to do more research first, which is wise.

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