Men Only Conference Calls
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Love Without Control Conference Call for Men & Women 
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Q&A  Meetups & Social Mixers
Hosted by former clients as a no pressure way to introduce their buddies and other couples to my work and specific options they have to enhance their relationships.

Sports Performance Coaching
A stable over all lifestyle and mastery of a champion’s altered emotional state during training  will help the athlete laser focus on the desired outcomes. The wide awake athlete that posses specific skills and clarity always has the edge and is able to utilize the the information they gather from each challenge they take on wisely.  My specific area of expertise is helping MMA fighters dial up their lives as a whole to enable them to take on more challenging fighters and get focused just before their bouts.

Corporate Events
Designed to open even the     most closed CEO heart and inspire the most hardcore business mind to view co-operative connection as the key to success.  The focus is placed on increased understanding of personal core integrity and how to embody integrity in everything we do. Work settings that promote  personal ownership increase a sense of freedom which in turn, creates greater profitability on every level and in every definition of that term.

Office Drama Elimination  Humor filled small group classes, large group workshops or
one-on-one consultations promote healthful, evolved work environment. The goal is to decrease frustration/division and increase harmony/ teamwork. Open examination of  gender differences  on a developmental/ instinctual psychology  level is a means to opening hearts and minds to the possibilities.  Building respect for the unique skill set each gender and individual person brings to enhance the goals of the tribe/office is profitable in every way. When everyone can really see the assets each person brings, this can be utilized in favor of the office dynamic and increase the peace in staff home lives.


~ Have Pistol Will Travel ~