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I am often asked what it is I do, exactly.
I sigh, and think how easy it would be to just refer that person to my website, YouTube or Soundcloud.

Thing is, so often new clients are in crisis mode when they find me.
Often they don’t even realize they are,
so some patient attentiveness on my part is required.

With this in mind, I am pleased to announce I am now offering a FREE 15 Phone Coaching Session
to those new to my work.

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In that first phone call with new clients, I find myself partnering with them to get to a break through. Their questions are tentative “What happens in the session?” Their fear and need for guarantees, even if false, coming through loud and clear, but I am the queen of re-direction and we do achieve and honest break through!

Of course, there is no way I could verbally walk them through a session step-by-step because each one is so unique based on the individual sitting across from me.

Every session draws from many aspects of my 10 years of earning college degrees,my 16 years as a mind/body practitioner specializing in trauma/anxiety healing and my 20 years actively listening to men and being purposefully responsive to what these brave told me, in a professional coaching capacity.

How do I encapsulate all of that?
I can’t.

So instead here is a list of the clients I attract, the concerns they show up with and the services I provide them to quiet their fear, clear up their confusion and ease their suffering.


Ready to see if a deep immersion program
of study is right for you?

Schedule your
Skype or In-Office private coaching session.

This first step Intro/Intake Session with Michelle
will determine which deep immersion program
will be the best fit for enhancing your
current situation and life goals.


On-going programs of study are much like a college course yet are  individualized, very practical and designed to promote instant application.

My course work is a lot like a Lego system, the mastery of one concept builds onto the next until the goal of that specific program is achieved.

The way it works is each program requires a set number of sessions to be used as a check in for accountability and retention on the homework assigned between each session.

The private session time is spent talking about whatever has come up for the client that is confusing or worthy of celebration in-between sessions.

If you are studying in person then this is also a time to focus on integration and peace of the Mind & Body.

This sense of wholeness is vital to over all success in every area of a e mind and re-boot the Central Nervous Systems so the client can gain full mastery over his potential for sensory awareness and processing.

Coaching for  Motivated Men
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Who will benefit from coaching?

#1 Recently Divorced Men
that are blocked due to fear of making the same mis-steps with women again that only lead to confusion, loss and feeling of failure.

#2 Married Men & Couples seeking to Build or Re-Build Lasting Attraction through mastery of Conscious Coupling skills

#3 Single Men motivated to learn how to create Mutually Respectful Sexual Friendships that lead to lasting loyalty.

#4 Progressive Couples seeking guidance in Managing a Peaceful Divorce i.e. the Conscious Un-Coupling Process
All of this is accomplished first and foremost through Male Empowerment via a man’s current journey with women, creating hope for the future.


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