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New Client Intake for Conscious Un-Coupling Services 

* Take Pro-Active Steps BEFORE the Court System Takes Over! *

Avoid Drama, Loss and Court Mandates through Powerful Preemptive Moves that will serve you long term in your new life. 

This is the same skill set you will need to:
* date successfully after divorce.
* co-parent well and maintain influence in your children’s lives.
* avoid repeating & passing on the same relating patterns that don’t work.
*  maintain a genuine friendship with your ex that lasts a lifetime!

My approach is progressive, prevention focused, alternative and highly effective!

I help men create extraordinarily potent influence with his wife, RIGHT NOW so he is in the best position possible to support to guide the process in a constructive and positive manner.

I help men that are invested in…
* smooth, fair division of assets
* a mutually agreeable plan for meeting obligations
* to make the co-parenting transition as easy on everyone as possible

TRUTH is that men at the end of their marriages need to quickly develop a very specific skill set and have the right support resources made available to them.

You can mediate a conscious un-coupling no matter where you already are in the process – before or after deciding on divorce/separation, before engaging attorneys, during the process of negotiating with attorneys or along side the help of a clinical therapist.

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You may opt to work with me via Skype or at my Mesa office. 

Step 1
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Step 2

Speak to me on the phone for a brief intake and to set up your appointment for your first session. 480-471-8987

* the $97 deposit  you just paid:

(a) serves as your deposit to hold your session with the fee for the session itself due at the time you receive the session.

(b) it serves to offer you instant relief

(c) and as pre-study a means to maximize our time together.

Which session option is a better fit for you?

90 min Skype Consult
– $97 


3 Hour Intensive In-Office Session 
– $197

* Your Intro/Intake session fee will be applied as a credit if you choose to continue coaching in program of study

Directions to my Mesa office will be given when the appointment is confirmed.