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Whether you are currently single
or in a relationship you want to know…

What do committed couples
do when the chemistry
of attraction fades?

How can I stay balanced when things get challenging in my life and relationships?

How can I grow within a relationship instead
of eventually feeling stuck?

Private Coaching

One-on-one session work offers you the most direct access to my 20+ years of experience and success helping good people, just like you, unravel the mind/body mystery of developing personal power to attract the love, sex, career and parenting outcomes we all desire.

 Learn more about cultivating spirit-aligned, deeply satisfying partnerships that are fulfilling and uplifting for everyone involved.

 Discover why some people seem to sustain lasting attraction with ease, while others struggle.

 Embrace your stage of healing and begin to see how it impacts every area of your life, especially your most important relationships.

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Michelle’s Micro to Macro Mission
Global Harmony – One Healthy Relationship at a Time

The unique call on my life, which I have pursued professionally for the last 20 years, is to help men utilize the aspect of their life journey that includes women, for self improvement and deep self discovery.

There is no need to rehash boyhood battle wounds, but rather now is your time to focus forward on reigniting the warrior within you, though your journey with women.

I believe that if men are supported in their own empowerment they will provide loving leadership in their relationships. In turn, women, children and the needs of the whole world will be more fully met.

Men have SO much untapped potential!

Are you a man that chooses to be awake, informed & conscious?
Then I’m the coach for you and my online coursework will feel like a natural fit.

Every Good Man Deserves a
Woman with Vision on His Team

Her perspective and support will change his reality.

If she doesn’t challenge you, then she is no good for you.

Magic happens when a man receives the exact support he needs….

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